Why I Hate Customer Satisfaction Surveys!

Don’t get me wrong, I like to be asked for my opinion.  Short customer satisfaction surveys from a store I visit regularly makes me feel like I’m being listened to, and that my views matter.  What I can’t stand is when I receive notably better service, only then to be told that I can leave my feedback online for a chance to win a prize!  And yet this is exactly where I’ve just found myself, prompting this post. 

Getting Good Feedback 

There are plenty of genuine surveys, however, like those that identify supermarket of the year, for example.  Those surveys should remain. 

So, if I don’t want to be asked to complete customer satisfaction surveys after ‘staged’ good service, how do I expect retailers to get my feedback? 

Well, there are two quite compelling ways to garner my thoughts on a brand: 

  • I’ll go back – if I like a brand, I’ll visit them again and will spend money when I do; 
  • I’ll encourage others to visit too – I’ll tell people I meet about how much I love the brand, and I’ll be actively engaging with and promoting the brand on social media. 

Single Customer View 

As retailers move towards the Single Customer View, all my interactions with a brand will get noticed.  Of course, this is going to be some way off for many retailers, but there are a growing number of tools out there that will enable organisations to track my level of engagement with their brand through marketing emails and social networks, so there really is no excuse…! 

Using Mobile Apps 

Those retailers with more resources to invest might also want to start looking for my feedback via their loyalty/payment app too; this certainly appears to be an untapped source of customer opinion at the moment.  In-fact, none of the retail apps on my phone look for my feedback following a visit to their store/website – and I have quite a few installed – and only one retailer I regularly visit asks for my feedback by email. 

Either way, one thing is guaranteed, I will never respond to a customer satisfaction survey after ‘staged’ good service!


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